Sunday, July 6, 2014

Martyred President Saddam Hussein's historic letter to Iran

The 23rd of Muharam, 1411, that corresponds to Aug. 14, 1990 AD.

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate:

The Respected Mr. Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjhani, President of  the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Putting our trust in the Almighty Allah, we are aiming for  the removal of all obstacles in the way of brotherly relations among all  Muslims and those who choose brotherhood among Muslims of our neighbor Iran.

We are aiming for opening the way to serious interaction  among all believers to confront the evil-doers who wish to bring evil onto all  Muslims and the Arab nation, and for pushing Iraq and Iran away from blackmail  and evil tricks of the international powers and their agents in the region.

In accordance with the spirit of the initiative we announced  on Aug. 12, 1990, through which we sought to establish a comprehensive and  lasting peace in the region, we seek to strip those with false apprehensions of  their pretexts and stop them from diverting Iraq's potentials away from the  noble causes of Muslims and Arabs.

In order to remove confusion from our trenches so that those  with good intentions may find the way to normal relations between Iraq and  Iran; and as fruit of our direct dialogue which has continued since our letterto you on April 21, 1990, capped by your Aug. 8, 1990, message to us; and as afinal, clear-cut solution that disarms all those with pretexts, we have decided  the following:

Firstly, we accept your suggestion which came in the answer  message dated Aug. 8, 1990 - which was received by our representative in Geneva  Mr. Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti from your representative Mr. Syros Nasri - to  consider the 1975 agreement as interrelated with the principles stated in our  letter of July 7, 1990, specifically in what concerns the exchange of prisoners  and Articles 6 and 7 of (U.N.) Resolution 598.

Secondly, on the basis of what is mentioned above and the  contents of our message to you on July 7, 1990, we are willing to send an  official delegation to Tehran, or receive an official delegation here in  Baghdad - at the level that has been agreed upon - to work out details of  agreements and prepare for their signing.

Thirdly, as a goodwill gesture our withdrawal will start on  Friday Aug. 17, 1990. We will withdraw all our troops which face you along the  border, leaving a symbolic presence with the border police units to carry out  the routine daily duties of normal circumstances.

Fourthly, an immediate and comprehensive exchange of all  prisoners of war held in Iran and Iraq through the border posts of Khanaqin and  Qasr-E-Shirin and other border points to be agreed upon. We will take the  initiative in this, starting this coming Friday, Aug. 17, 1990.

Brother President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjhani: in this  decision, everything has become clear and everything you have sought and has  been focusing on is realized. What is still lacking is circulating the necessary  documents so we can look forward to a new life of cooperation on the principles  of Islam and respect of each other's rights, so we can deter all those fishing  in dirty waters and cooperate to turn the gulf into a lake of peace, free of  foreign fleets that harbor ill intentions against us.

Allah is Great and thanks be to Him,

Saddam Hussein,
President of the Republic of Iraq,
The 23rd of Muharam, 1411, that corresponds to Aug. 14, 1990  AD.