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Shrine of the Cloak (Kherqa) of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)

Location  :  Kandahar, Afghanistan

The Shrine of the Cloak (Pashto: Kerqa Sharif) is located adjacent to the main mosque in Kandahar, Afghanistan. It contains the Kherqa, a cloak believed to have been worn by Islam's Prophet Muhammad (Blessings of Allah be upon him).

The cloak was last seen in public in 1996, when Mullah Muhammad Omar, the leader of the Taliban, removed it from the shrine and donned the cloak while he stood atop a building, and in front of a large crowd of his followers.  Upon donning the cloak, the crowd began to shout "Amir al-Mu'minin" (Commander of the Faithful).

 That symbolic act is commonly considered a key point in the rise of the Taliban.

Hefazot-e-Islam, Bangladesh : An Introduction by Hefazot Leaders

In the name of most merciful Allah who is the God of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Prophet Issa (Jesus)(Peace be upon him) and all other prophets.

HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM, BANGLADESHis completely a Non-Political, Religious and Spiritual organization. The journey of this sacred organization which consists of students, teachers and followers of the Qaumi principles starts with the motive to guide the national and international Islamic world in a righteous and effective manner. The chief of this organization Allama Ahmad Shafi is an innocent, non-political, religious and a spiritual personality.

It has been 55 years ago from now, in 1957, Allama Ahmad Shafi had finished his highest degree in religion from “Darul Uloom, Deoband, India”. Then, he joined as a teacher in the oldest Madrasa of Bengal, “Darul Uloom Moinul Islam”, Hathazari which was established in 1901. Before going to the Deoband, India, he studied in the Hathazari Madrasa for 10 years. In his 15 years of study, he was very genius,  hard-working and modest student. Because of these reasons, he became the beloved student among the teachers of these two famous institutions.

When he was studying at Darul Uloom Deoband, India, Allama HOSSAIN AHMAD MADANI, the Chief Leader of Indian Freedom Movement was Head of Hadith [The Sayings of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him)] department of “Daurl Uloom, Deoband”, India- the largest Islamic University in Asia. Two Indian Freedom Movement leaders, M.K. Ghandi and J.L. Neheru were his close friends. Allama MADANI formed the “Jamiate Olama-e Hind” with his teacher “MAHMUDUL HASSAN DEOBANDI”. Then, this Organization in collaboration with M.K. Ghandi and J.L. Neheru played a historical role for the freedom movement of India. Because of this reason, the CONGRESS PARTY in INDIA is in power for two-third times in the last 60 years by the support of millions of Muslim voters in India, those who are the followers of “Jamiate Olama-e Hind”.

To understand about the unbeatable spiritual power of HEFAZOT-E-ISLAM and his leader Allama Ahmad Shafi, we must understand the source of the oldest and largest Madrasa in Hathazari, Bangladesh and above 50 thousands Madrasas of India and above 60 thousand Madrasa of Bangladesh and Pakistan and around 10 thousands Madrasas of USA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA & SOUTH AFRICA – in Total approximately 150 thousands of non-Government Deobandi Quami Madrasas around the world. Besides this fact, we have to understand the source of the founder of Deoband Madrasa – Moulana Qasim Nanutovi. After the Indian revolution in 1857 for 10 years, Maulana Qasim Nanutovi  established these Madrasas with his many colleagues those who were spiritually enlighted and empowered in Deoband district Sharanpur of Uttar Pradesh, India. Maulana Nanutovi and founder of Ali-Ghar Islamic University, Sir. Sayed Ahmed Khan were student of the same teacher, Maulana Mamluk Ali.

After the completion of all kinds of Islamic knowledge, Maulana Nanutovi became a efficient debater. The Hindu pandits and Christian scholars were not been able to withstand in front of the logics and magnificent orating capability of Maulana Nanutovi. His counterpart of various religion were defeated in various occasions. The scope of knowledge, skill and logic spread in Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim community of that time.

Because of the Anti-British movement, the British Government announced the arrest of Maulana Nanutovi for several times. But, the Government were never been able to arrest him. But, he never hid himself more than three days. Once an incident took place which is as following:

Once, he went to his father-in-laws home in the request of his friends and relatives. He stayed there for three days. After this time, when he came out, he fell in front of the people of Intelligence agency. He asked the people: “What do you want?”. They said: “We have come to search Maulana Qasim Nanutovi”. Maulana Nanutovi said: “Please come, come to home”. He then adored all of them as guests.  After that, he asked the people of Intelligence: “Where do you want to search Maulana Qasim Nanutovi?” They said that they would like to search in the rooms of women. Maulana Qasim Nanutovi took them to the rooms for searching.

Dear friends!
This is Maulana Qasim Nanutovi who showed them the rooms, but people of intelligence were not been able to recognize him.

Dear friends!
Was Maulana Qasim Nanutovi a magician? NO, NEVER. Then, what is the power that he had for what the intelligence were not able to recognize him. He had the power of Spirit.

Another incident regarding Maulana Qasim Nanutovi took during the battle named “Shamoli”  between British arm force and Indian patriots. In this battle, Maulana Qasim was shot in his head by the British force. He fell down. All of his fellows went running to him and found his clothes were full of bloods. But, his fellows did not find any sign of blood and bullet in his head. When he was asked regarding the matter, he said: “I recited Bismillah and wiped spit in the place of wound, then miraculously the wound got fully cured”.

Dear friends!
The incidents of Maulana Qasim Nanutovi are not fantasy, but these are the expressions of the spiritual power that he had.  He is the founder of “Daurl Uloom, Deoband”, India.

(a)    His established “Daurl Uloom, Deoband”, India which is the source of approximately 150 thousands Qaumi Madrasas and 10 millions of students throughout the world.

(b)   One Ex-student student of his established “Daurl Uloom, Deoband”, India is Maulana Md. Iliyas who is the founder of “Tabligh Jamat”- the largest missionary organization for preaching Islam. Under this Organization, more the 700 million Muslims are involved in preaching activities in rural and urban areas of the world. A massive numbers of Christians brothers and sisters are becoming Muslims under the “Tabligh Jamat”.

Dear Friends!
So far, you have heard about the miracle incidents of the spiritual power of Maulana Qasim Nanutovi. Now, we would like introduce you with “Shaikul Hind” , Maulana Mahmood Hassan Deobandi who is the first student of Deoband Madrasa.  The student of Mahmood Hassan Deobandi is “Shaikul Islam”, Maulana Hossain Ahmad Madani. And, the student of Maulana Hossain Ahmad Madani is the Chief of “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM”, Bangladesh, Allama Ahmad Shafi. He received the knowledge of Academic and Spiritual enrichment from his teacher.

Dear Friends!
We already previously mentioned that the birth and inauguration of “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM”, Bangladesh is completely non-political. Hefazat-e-Islam arranged many massive national and international Islamic conference where millions of people gathered in Chittagong as well as all over Bangladesh. During the conference for speaking the truth and beauty of Islam, the Police force of this unethical and anti-Islamic Government shot bullets in the car of Allama Ahmad Shafi which created a severe impact in the Muslim world of home and abroad. This is how Allama Ahmad Shafi has become a renowned international figure all over the world.

After this, the biggest shameful and evil incident in the 1,500 years history of Islam
took place in a place named Shahbagh (Beside BIRDEM, P.G. Hospitals & B.S.M.M.U), in the heart of Capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. We know that the biggest powerful country, United States of America has a national religion which is Christianity. It is written in the powerful currency dollar : “IN GOD, WE TRUST”. The Muslims all over the world know that the President of top power in the world, America takes the oath keeping his hand over the holy Bible. Again, most of the countries in European Union have Christian based national infrastructure. Another highly developed country, Australia believe in Christianity as national religion. So, we Muslims and Christians of America, Europe and Australia – all together a population of more the 2500 millions believe in Allah/God/Creator. We, more than 1000 millions of Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) as the greatest and last prophet in the chain of prophet hood. You believe Prophet Issa/Jesus (Peace Be upon Him) as prophet. We, Muslims believe the Holy Qu’ran as divine book, where as You, Christians believe the Holy Bible as divine book.

Dear Friends!,
A Muslim, after believing Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him),  can not be a Muslim anymore if he/she doesn’t believe Prophet Issa/Jesus (Peace Be upon Him) as prophet. In this respect, God, Prophet and the revealed divine books, we are all staying in the same center. The way the Atheist Bloggers of Shahbagh criticized Allah, his messenger Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) and sacred Islam religion, if they have criticized one part of a thousand parts with the Prophet and religion of America, Europe, Australia and even the Hindu population of Indian Sub-continent then would any of the Christian and Hindu community tolerate such a massive insult and misbehave with religion?

Dear Friends!,
The chief of Hefazat-e-Islam, Allama Ahmad Shafi asked several times the Government to stop the criticizings, insult, evil comments regarding  Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him), Islam by these evil, atheist Bloggers of Shahbagh. But, the Government did not listen to this and did not take any steps to stop it. At last, Hefazat-e-Islam compelled to announce to activities to stop the Atheist Bloggers of Shahbagh. And, thousands of top level Scholars, Leaders agreed to announce a historical LONG-MARCH to capital Dhaka on 6th of April, 2013. You, including the national and international media have already known that even after striking and blocking the Roadways, Railways, Waterways and  Airways how millions of leaders and activists of “Hefazat-e-Islam” did the peaceful demonstration at “SHAPLA CHATTAR”  by walking hundreds of miles and came back peacefully after the demonstration. After that, many Gatherings and Conference took place regarding the insult, evil comments regarding  Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him), Islam and demanded the punishment of the atheist Bloggers. The Government did not listen to any these demand. After that, the “5th May,2013 Dhaka Blockade” activity arose. The national and international media throughout the whole world have observed how the Peaceful Demonstration was proceeding at the Six gates of Entry to Dhaka.

Dear Friends!,
You must have heard that the Chief of “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM”, Allama Ahmad Shafi decided to unite all the leaders and followers of “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM” and to give the finishing speech at “SHAPLA CHATTAR”after the peaceful demonstration with the permission of Government. Then the General Secretary of Awami League, L.G.R.D minister Syed Ashraf asked the activists of his party in a deceiving way to stop the peaceful demonstration and gathering. As a result, centering the the Awami League office at the South gate of Baitul Mukarram mosque, the armed cadres and miscreants of Awami League, Chatra League and Jubo League in association with Police force jumped over the leaders and followers of  “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM” ruthlessly and started killing the innocent the Schloars, Leaders and activist of “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM”. Even after asking the Government for a proper investigation regarding the burning of Islamic books at the South gate of Baitul Mukarram through the video footage and identifying the miscreant  several times, the Government did not listen to it. The Government inversely   blamed “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM” for the activities which is absolutely absurd. The people who have spent their whole life for learning, practicing and preaching Islam, they would never be able to burn the Islamic books. Every citizen of Bangladesh understands    this fact.

Dear Friends!,
After that, a historical Mass murder or Genocide took place at 2:30 a.m. on the night of the passing day, 5th May, 2013. From record, One hundred fifty thousands bullets and  all types of heavy weapons which are used in the war field were used for attacking the sleeping Leaders and activist of “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM”. All these operation were executed by removing the people of Media and switching off the electricity lines around “SHAPLA CHATTAR”. The number of people of  “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM” died at that night is huge and uncountable. We asked the Government for a proper and neutral Justice & Investigation body for the mass killing several times. The Government has again stepped in the inverse direction and blaming the Leaders and Activists of “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM” with false allegations and cases and pursuing a false propaganda in nation and abroad.

Dear Friends!,
The leaders and activist of “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM” at “SHAPLA CHATTAR” were not armed with any types of weapon. Their weapon was the spirit and remembrance of Allah at that night. Today, the Government is wrongly blaming and trying to create a portrait  of  “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM” as a Terrorist Organization. The Government is doing such activities keeping in mind to be politically benefited in the 10th National Election.

Dear Friends!,
In all the areas of Bangladesh, the leaders and activist of “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM” are very innocent and peace-loving. We firmly wish and expect that for these unethical activities of the Government, when 90% of the population of Bangladesh are angry on the Awami League Government, then You and all other foreign aid bodies would not be badly influence with their false broadcasting.

Dear Friends!,
At present, in the unpeaceful world, the time has come for the MUSLIM UMMAH and CHRISTIAN WORLD to work together. In the holy book of Islam, the Qur’an , there are several verses and chapter praising the Prophet Jesus (PBUH) and his clean image mother Marry. We, Muslims believe the re-arrival of  Prophet Jesus (PBUH) with the light of the Qur’an. In the Chapter Al-Imran of the holy book Qur’an, Allah has taken the promise from all the prophets to obey Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). To attain the situation, Prophet Jesus (PBUH) including all the Muslims will give the invitation to accept Islam to all the Christian community all over the world. Then, in the light of Verse no:59 of Chapter:Nisa, under the realm of Prophet Jesus (PBUH), all the Christian community would accept Islam as religion. When the hints of working the Muslim Ummah and Christian community together are found in the holy books, then we the Muslim Ummah and Christian community should work together avoiding all the misunderstandings and to reach solution to maintain the peace all over the world.

At last, we would like to thank the responsible persons of “HEFAZAT-E-ISLAM” for letting us to discuss the matter in a friendly environment and we also express our gratitude to the authority of “Jamiatul Uloom Al-Islamia”, Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong.

May Allah protect you and all of us and shower his mercy and blessings,

Oh Allah! please accept our efforts, Endeavour and this historical gathering, verily you are all-listening and all-knowing. 

(1) Allama  Mohibbullah,
      Sr. Vice Chairman, Hefazat-e-Islam, Central Committee.

(2) Mufti Md. Izharul Islam Chowdhury, ,
      Vice Chairman, Hefazat-e-Islam, Central Committee.

(3) Allama Junaid Babunagari,
      General Secretary, Hefazat-e-Islam, Central Committee.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bashar Al-Asad as well as the "Takfiris" in the FSA and amongst other fighters in Syria who have no respect for the lives and blood of unarmed civilians must be disarmed

What began with largely peaceful protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in March 2011 has developed into a full-scale civil war.

Assad's regime like the Saudi & GCC Dynasties violently crushes any opposition to family's stranglehold on power.

Assad's forces and Anti-Assad groups are engaged in violent battles across the country.

The ongoing conflict has devastated Syria. The United Nations estimates that as many as 100,000 people have died so far in the conflict. Some 7 million people are in dire need of humanitarian assistance and over 1.9 million refugees have fled the violence to neighboring countries, North Africa and Europe.

Bashar Al-Asad as well as the "Takfiris" in the FSA and amongst other fighters in Syria who have no respect for the lives and blood of unarmed civilians must be disarmed.

We have trust in Hezbollah led by Seyed Hasan Nasrullah who should take the lead and take the lead to bring together wise men of the sincere believers amongst the Peoples of the Books to search and implement solution of the current Syrian conflict.

Hezbollah led by Seyed Hasan Nasrullah is the only sensible force on the ground, should be helped by the world (including USA, Russia, Turkey, Israel and Iran) to establish a sensible political authority in Syria.

We must not forget that Lebanon and Syria are same country divided by Sykes–Picot Anglo-French conspiracy.