Monday, June 23, 2014

Nur-e-Huq Ganj-e-Nur (i.e. The Light of The Truth and The Abode of The Light ) -By Hazrat Jan Sharif Maulana (R.A.)

[selected verses]

“Origin of the creation is  the Divine Light,
From That Divine Light everything was created
irrespective of 'Mumin' &  'Kafir'
( Mumin means believer, obedient to God. 
Kafir  means  unbeliever, disobedient to God.)………

The  sinner  is  in want of  Prophet,
The Prophet   is  in  want  of   sinner,
What the Prophet would be doing
Had  there  been  no  sinner ?…..…………

Sow the seed of  Divine Light in a dirty place
The plant grown out of it will be a sacred one. ..

I can not but  praise the sweet  Tune,
Innumerable creatures  are fascinated by Tune (music)…….
The Tune drives the heroes to devote in war
Who dedicate in battles forgetting worldly life.……..
Charmed  by the sweet Tune the
The snake comes out of  its hole
And  surrenders  to imprisoned life.……….
Sweet  Tune is nothing but a Divine Play, 
Origin lies in the Divine Light of  The Truth………….

All your  religious rituals and Divine Books
Can do  no  good  to you
If  you  do  not  have in your heart
The Divine Light of  The Truth.”