Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jewish Thought on Imam Mahdi A.S. : "When Will The Messiah Come?"
"When Will The Messiah Come?"

The Messiah is a force that corrects souls. Will it manifest through the actions of a certain individual or will it take place at the level of governing forces?..

Nowadays the knowledge of Kabbalah is spreading across the whole world and this is leading the world to the general correction. That is why this period of time can be called “the time of the Messiah.” It has already begun. The people of the world have to realize that all problems and catastrophes are caused by our lack of correction. The realization of the cause of the events that happen to us is by itself a revelation of evil inclinations, but it occurs under the influence of the Upper Light. Therefore, it is related to the time of Messiah. ..

It is written that “the Messiah will lead the whole world to Jerusalem to teach the Torah.” .. Revelation of the Light that corrects this desire is implemented through the Messiah’s power (unless we all achieve total liberation) through the power of the Light that progressively reveals itself.

However, the Messiah will not come until we achieve a certain level of dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah in the world. He cannot descend until the world as a whole fully understands the necessity of correction.