Saturday, January 30, 2016

Now the time has come for Darwinism to be wiped off. We have entered a period in which Satan will be defeated.


ADNAN OKTAR: Sait Akkurt, "Darwin has worked for years, visiting one island after another and studying the beaks of birds to develop that theory." He claims that, "It is a coincidence. The people, giraffes, birds, lions, fruits like strawberry, banana, orange, apple; all of these came into existence by coincidence." And we claim that there is a consciousness behind their existence. Which one is reasonable? Consciousness, isn't it? What is coincidence capable of? What would come out when you throw a handful of sand to the ground? Only a mess would come out. A national anthem wouldn't coincidentally appear when you throw the sand. But according to them it does. When the structure of chromosomes or proteins is inspected closely, they show the evidence that there must be a Creator.

"Darwin died and took the theory he worked on with him." Actually his theory didn't die with him. It has spread worldwide while you were drowsing. In Turkey, it is still being taught in middle school, high school, and university as well as in history, biology, philosophy, sociology, and structure courses; in any class you can think of. The youth are being taught that "God did not create everything, they came into existence by coincidence." Biology books claim that, "Quran is lying. According to science, it is not God who created you. But you can still believe in a Creator. Religions are the results of evolution as well." This is what the current education system is teaching the youth. In psychology classes it is taught that "Mankind was afraid of the beings that he does not understand and so he created God. It is alright if you believe in God that you have created in your own mind. But science says we all came into existence by coincidence." We vehemently objected to this idea and came out victorious in our struggle against them. We'll never allow them to win.

The grandfather of Charles Darwin, Erasmus Darwin, was a freemason. Under the influence of his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin and the others around him, Charles Darwin became an advocate of the evolution argument. However, he emphasized in his letters the absurdity of this argument and stated that, "I am going to commit suicide because I am tired of this. The notion that the universe came into existence by coincidence hurt me deeply." But people around him did everything they could to talk Darwin out of committing suicide. He has a friend who is 33rd degree freemason and a Darwinist, named Thomas Huxley. He is the main reason that Darwin became the man we know today. It was Thomas Huxley that supported Darwin wholeheartedly in declaring Darwinism and helped him spread it far and wide. He was a real expert in this subject. The philosophers like Thomas Huxley and Hegel accumulated vast knowledge for Darwinist-materialist philosophy and advancement of Darwinism in the world either by their works and philosophies or their activities within various organizations in England.

The main philosophy of the English deep state is social Darwinism. In other words, it is their official state philosophy. Social Darwinism is the official state philosophy in England. Darwin wouldn't exist if it weren't for the freemasonry,  because he was a man on the verge of suicide. It was the freemasons who had set him on motion. Hegel, Thomas Huxley, these philosophers are freemasons. Actually, Darwin had a guilty conscience and deep down he was feeling disturbed about being godless but upon the request of the English deep state, he carried on with his work anyway. And suffered in agony and anguish for it. Huxley was called 'Darwin's Bulldog' and he was a member of Royal Society that is completely composed of freemasons. It was these 33rd degree freemasons of England that initiated the spread of the idea of evolution. I am a 33rd degree freemason myself but it is freemasonry that has made Darwinism a dominant philosophy in the world. Darwin's grandfather was also a freemason. This is not Darwin's achievement alone. Freemasonry helped him spread this idea worldwide. But now the time has come for Darwinism to be wiped off. We have entered a period in which satan will be defeated. Normally, I should defend the freemasons here right? But I am disclosing this information because I am an honest person. The spread of Darwinism is completely the work of freemasons. It is, again the freemasons that is behind the English deep state. But it is the unseen friends of God that will bring the end of atheist freemasonry, and neutralize them.

You know that, after adopting Darwin's theory, the English deep state committed unspeakable atrocities in their colonies and they called it science. They claimed that everything they had done was done in the name of science. For example, they slaughtered masses in Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey etc. and regarded it as science. They claimed that, "Turks are an underdeveloped race. They are transitional species between animals and humans. Social Darwinism and science demands that we wipe them out." Even several Turks joined them following the idea that "we should support the English because they are doing it in the name of science." The British deep state claimed that science was the main philosophy behind their practices. The English deep state never accepted that what they had done was cruel. They claimed that they were solely putting the science in practice. And masonry is the dominant force behind the English deep state. Because Darwin, his great grandfathers, Hegel were all high level freemasons.
Darwin said in his depressed state that "I can't take it anymore, I will kill myself." These can be read in his letters. But the freemasonry convinced him to carry on with his work. But they will never succeed. For example, the palace that the Prophet Moses (pbuh) lived in his youth, the palace of Pharaoh, was a freemason sanctuary. Freemasons use all the images and symbols that it found in that palace. It was a classic freemason temple. In fact freemasons still hold their meetings in there. I have images of the meetings that I can show you. But freemasonry has changed its course towards the unity of God and coming of Moshiach by the means of us, Insha'Allah, it is the will of God. The power of satan is nil before the power of God.

There is a strange jinn that freemasons use, Baphomet. Do we have any pictures of it?
KARTAL GOKTAN: Let me check.

ADNAN OKTAR: They never admit that they have come to these countries for colonization and oppression. They claim that they have come in the name of science; in other words, social Darwinism. They murder masses and claim that it is in the nature of science. They say that, "You can see this even in Africa as a pride of lions attack a pack of hyenas and kill them all. This is the nature of evolution. So when we attack and kill these people, what we do is in line with social Darwinism. And it brings balance to the universe, while a superior race of humans evolves. One of the benefits of social Darwinism is that it helps the advancement of our civilization. And the other benefit is that the quality of the human race increases. This is also true for animals. The survival of the fittest increases the quality of species. So when we will have the Bangladeshi, Indians, Turks etc. wiped off the face of the earth, there will only remain the high quality European race." And they consent to this mentality in affirmation. So it is the duty of the Mahdi and his followers to abolish such a preposterous idea.

BULENT SEZGIN: The pictures are ready, Mr. Oktar.

ADNAN OKTAR: Show them please. Yes, the freemasons use it frequently, Baphomet. Do you know its origin? This is the jinn controlled by the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). He had Baphomet carry out many tasks. Baphomet is not what it looks like. It might look scary but it is a quite helpful jinn. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) would summon him from his ring and make him carry out his orders. Baphomet was a hardworking jinn. I am not sure if it is still alive as many years have passed. 3500 years is too long for a jinn to live. Their life spans are approximately 2000-2500 years. But it might have children who are living. We will see when we find the ring of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) because they live inside the ring for generations. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will put the ring on his right ring finger, Insha'Allah. It is a golden ring with a ruby stone. The jinn that carry out orders are inside that stone. We will see if they will cause any trouble. Insha'Allah, they will be kept under control. But we have faith in Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as he will succeed in getting them under his control with the will of God. This is not something we can accomplish but Hazrat Mahdi will accomplish this, Insha'Allah.
In England, when you look at the buildings from 12th, 13th or 15th centuries, you can see that each of them has Masonic symbols. Secret signs and inexplicable symbols are very common among these buildings. England is the stronghold of freemasonry.
The secret society that founded the English deep state is called Round Table. It was founded in 1909. It is a top secret society with historical connections to Knight Templars, Knight Hospitallers and Belmond Brotherhood. Thanks to God, I am also a Knight Templar. Only, I haven't become a Knight Hospitaller yet but I believe I will be one in the coming months. We are in touch. The Master of the Knight Hospitallers wants to visit us. If that meeting goes well, it will only be a matter of time. The main philosophy of the Round Table, which is a Masonic community, is to wipe the poor nations off the face of the earth, to generate a superior race with the help of eugenics. They want to get rid of the other races. They believe that the Turks, Indians, and the other races should be eliminated with the claim that they are underdeveloped races. They only want their so-called advanced races to remain. This is a secret idea and philosophy.

Their goal is to found an exclusive organization that resembles a police state and with that organization, to ensure the world domination of superior races and elimination of other races, and to build a world state and own its government; these are what they are working for. But after our intervention, right now, the Quran has become prevalent in all the sanctuaries of the Knight Templars and freemasons, thanks to God. Darwinism has fallen from grace everywhere. Freemasonry is a structure that believes in independent science. So when they read our books, there was nothing left to do for them other than believing us. Darwin is lying, Darwinism is actually a lie. So they had to accept that we were right. We explained the Quran to them and they accepted that the Quran is true. At that moment, the game was over for the deep state. They tried to play a game but were beaten. We won't allow them to play any more games. I will give the British deep state more hard times, they won't be able to escape. I don't shy away from talking even though I am a freemason myself. Theirs is a Masonic structure as well.

The American version, CFR was founded by Round Table. It is a Masonic organization. CFR is known to be of American origin but it was actually founded by the British deep state. CFR is considered pure American, but English freemasons are its founders.

You are familiar with eugenics; it is an idea that aims to eliminate people who are disabled or considered inferior until only certain European races remain. Rothschilds are considered to lead both the American and British branches of this organization along with their close colleague Lord Alfred Milner. They were the leaders of this movement. One good side of freemasonry is that they believe in positive sciences, in other words they do not deny anything that is proven to be true. For example, we told the freemasons that theory was wrong. They answered, "Is it so? Tell us the reasons then." When we explained them the reasons, they found our explanation reasonable and accepted it.

They considered the Quran to be the root of bigotry. But when we told them the truth of the Quran they said, "if this is the true Quran, then I am a Muslim." During their visit, the master freemasons who currently govern USA and Europe said, "If this is true Islam, from now on we are Muslims." There was a Christian priest that was also a freemason among them; he asked "How do we explain this to our families? Should I tell my wife and children openly or should I keep this a secret?" I told him to keep it a secret. He said he was a Muslim that "if what you have told us, what is written in the Quran is true, then I am a Muslim." The master of the Knight Templars is a Muslim but he does not state it openly even to his wife. He only reads the Quran and my books all day long. He admitted this himself by saying, "I have dedicated my life to these books and I read them ceaselessly." Freemasons are honest people. They actually believed in eugenics, in Darwin because they considered them to be scientific. We may find it annoying now but they were really under that assumption.

The English version of CFR is named Chatham House. The intelligence tradition of the British deep state is based fundamentally on two cultures. First the secret freemason rites that were founded by Knight Templars. The other is the masonic organization called Scottish Rite. Scottish Rite is the greatest masonic organization. But they were on the wrong path so now we are guiding them to the right direction. They are not very stubborn or strict at all. They accept everything that is true. They actually listen to reason.

If the military alliance formed by Muslim countries and led by Saudi Arabia is directly aimed at ISIS, this is an outrageous act. If they do not plan to protect Muslims and only plan to fight against a Muslim but terrorist organization, ISIS, this is outrageous. It should not be approved in anyway. Additionally, let me tell them that they are not strong enough to deal with ISIS. It is a pointless effort. Otherwise, USA or Russia would have dealt with them already. But neither the USA nor Russia, or France launches a ground assault. So they want the soldiers of the Muslim countries to attack ISIS instead. Muslims should be careful not to fall into this trap because they want to set Muslims against each other. Saudi Arabia should know that this world is only temporary. There is no reason for them to act with such greed they should come to their senses. This project of setting Muslims against each other is a recent plot of the English deep state. It is time for some rulers to act wisely.

President Suleyman Demirel once said, "Soon, the idea of a Kurdish state will emerge so we have to be prepared." Mrs. Mitterand, Lord Avebury and the founder of the English think-tank Chatham House openly supported the idea of a Kurdish state. There are documents regarding this. He says, “I have warned the English Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Hurd.” And he stated, "What they talk about among themselves behind the curtains is very different than their public statements. They will try to found a Kurdish state in Iraq so we must be prepared. We should take every possibility into consideration regarding this issue." There had been a statement by Chatham House regarding Kurdistan and Demirel mentioned it to the public. Chatham House is a Masonic structure as well. This is also evident by documents. These are not speculations, there are official documents regarding these issues.

Darwin says that: "I can prove it to you that the fight based on natural selection provided and keeps providing benefits to the advancement of civilization more then you can imagine. Think about the danger the Europe was under when the Turks invaded Europe a few centuries ago. But today, we find the Turkish invasion of Europe ridiculous. The civilized races know as the races of Europe prevailed against the Turkish barbarism. When I look into the not-so-far future of our world, I see that most of the inferior races like Turks will be eliminated, destroyed by the superior races."
This is a grave threat. Gladstone, the Prime Minister of England between 1880-1885, insulted the Ottomans and Turkish nation countless times. He said, "Turks are the non-human specimens of humanity." In other words, he said that Turks are animals, may God forbid. "For the survival of our civilization, we have to drive them back to the steppes of Asia or destroy them in Anatolia." They are currently trying to achieve this through the PKK. "The evil the Turks have done can only be eliminated in this way, by their destruction." This is the origin of their current extermination policy. This is a philosophy that was presented by the British deep state.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 5th, 2016