Friday, June 15, 2012

Hezbollah - Dignity of Hezbollah - Sojourn of a Hezbollah

Allah and His whole creation is the sign of Dignity of Hezbollah
Those who submits to Allah and obedient to Him are in Sojourn of Hezbollah

Dignity of Hezbollah

Hezbollah is not a party, not an organization,
Nor it is any co-operative.
Political aims, cultural propaganda, acquisition of wealth
– None of these are its relatives.

Each and every human, trees and the plants, animals and the birds –
Are all “Ayatollah” - the signs of Allah.
Thus each and every human of each and every strata and layer
Belongs to Hezbollah.

Each and every human is originally good, auspicious –
Divine spark of the Creator.
Cycles of circumstances sink the souls in darkness.

Whatever there are in the Books
Exposes the identities of the souls –
Groaning for returning to our original habitat,
The eternal home of love for Allah,
Before this perishable body perishes into the soils.

Sojourn of a Hezbollah

I am that bare-footed cavalier
Whose dagger is never in the scabbard,
The  weapon is sharpened by my sweat and blood,
The dagger that instantly and instinctively  differentiate
Between a the friend and the foe of humanity.

I am that traveller of twilight zone
Who never fully quench unfathomable thirst
By sweet fragrant water from the pitcher –
Lest I should be dozing in the slumber room
Of self-deception and self-aggrandizement.

I am marooned into the illusion of restful destination,
Which is far, oh me !
The oasis I discern
Embedded on love and compassion
Is still far !

Long miles I have to go,
I have to run with nostalgic melancholia and hope,
Before I go to sleep !

The waves of probabilities undulating in to seeming reality
I dream – a rosy dream,
My blood – a blue blood,
Drizzle into my sweat and efforts
Between “Kaza” and “Qadr” – the dimensions of divine life,
Blizzard by free-will.

I am in a painstaking journey,
Both of my legs are in gangrene,
Yet the other day I saw in the twinkle of an eye
When the hot  ray of the sun reflected on my wounds
Seventy thousand servants of Heaven bowed down before me.

This is the mystery, the door and the destination
Of a traveler in the Divine path
Who finishes the self in Divine Love.

So be it ! Let it be my endless song of life,
The endless and continuous surrender
And devotion to His Will !