Thursday, July 29, 2010

World Mustazafan Day 15th Shaban

World Mustazafan Day
– International Conference of the Liberation Movements of the World
Tehran, 15th Shaban, 1982

Chief Justice of Iran

Iranian Experience:-

1. If the uprising is not people oriented – it can not proceed successfully

2. Decisiveness and Uncompromisingness has a great value in success

3. No idol can be everlasting. Only “Iman”(Faith) is everlasting.

4. We have all same bases as Deprived People – we may have different circumstances and situation yet we understand each other’s language for our being from same base.

5. Our problem is same. If world imperialism is not defeated, we can’t overcome our problems. So be aware and active against this common enemy.

6. We have to take every opportunity to unite ourselves and live together.

7. In Iran revolutionary committees are devoted to values – to be aware against the allegiance towards either of the imperialists (USA & USSR)

Factors for the Success of Islamic Revolution in Iran:-

1. Faith – “Iman Billah” i.e. Faith in Allah
2. Unity – Unity of people from all walks of life
3. Leadership - wise and popular leadership


Making revolution dependent on any of the so-called “superpowers” for finance or gun will fail to bring emancipation – because that will ultimately implement imperialist values.

1. Iranian Islamic Revolution was not dependent on military or on material power borrowed from others.

2. We depended on our “Hezbollah” masses.

3. Our revolution is Divine in nature and based on cultural ideological values. It is not appreciable in military/material/financial terms.

4. If you make the revolution with the help of Soviet to get rid of America or with the help of America to get rid of Soviet, then the inevitable disgrace is ahead of you.

5. Depend upon your masses, pursue the goals of Islam – not only in slogans, but in reality as we did in Iran and have been doing. Thus Insha-Allah you will reach you Divine Goal of emancipation and liberation.

6. Through this Conference we want to get united, discuss each others problems and try to find out solutions and face the equations created by the superpowers to dominate over us.

7. The Islamic Revolution will not allow the superpowers to be in coalition against the deprived and the deprived to remain unaware of the situation. We shall make our brothers aware; we shall break through the equations Insha-Allah.

8. We shall distinguish between who are really fighting against the arrogant and who are hypocrites

9. Those who are committed to Islam to Divine Cause are real fighters – others who we see are fighting will ultimately compromise with the interests of the arrogant. The later will ultimately turn into counter-revolutionary forces.

10. Unity means the Muslim nation has eliminated the obstacles which disunited the Muslims who were originally united. The imperialists brought differences in the name of nationalism. Who are the people who divided the Muslims as Shiiaites and Sunnits. One of the Objectives of this conference is to remove the obstacles on the way of our returning to unity.

11. We should practice the Holy Quran. The deprived receives favor from Allah and from nobody else. When they practice Quran, their victory is inevitable.

12. May Allah save us from egoism and enable us to fight against our enemies according to the Divine instructions.