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[US Black Muslim Leader Minister Luis Farrakhan come to Bangladesh on 6th February 1998. He delivered following speech on 7th February 1998 at Restaurant Olive Garden of Gulshan, Dhaka. This was his last speech before leaving Bangladesh. Diplomats of Muslim countries, Attorney General of Bangladesh, Political leaders, eminent scholars, human rights activists, journalists and businessmen were present.

Prof.Dr.M.Maimul Ahsan Khan, Chairman, Department of Law, University of Dhaka, was his host. Al-Hajj Hazrat Mawlawi Mohammad Anowar Hossain, Chief Spiritual Guide of Hezbollah in Bangladesh, conducted the event. The event was sponsored by CIRB-Hezbollah.]

Thank you, very much. Assalamualaikum. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. I know that everyone is hungry. So I am going to make a very quick speech. My dear brothers and sisters of Bangladesh, we are very honored and happy to be in this great country, the second largest Muslim nation on the earth. We have had an enjoyable time even though it was short. I am going to try to make my comments brief but yet to make points that I think I should like to make in the company of such distinguished men and women of knowledge and scholarship. Allah has placed on us as Muslims a responsibility. In many of the Quran that I have read with an English translation, when the second sura of the Quran is introduced with Alif, Lam, Mim, the scholars don’t seem to quite know what these three letters actually mean. They introduced Allah to us in this way :

"I am Allah, the best knower. This book, there is no doubt in it. It is a Guide to those who keep their duty, who fear Allah and shun evil, believe in the unseen and keep up prayer and spend what We have given them, who believe in what was revealed to thee and what was revealed before thee. These are on a right course from their Lord, and these are those who are successful and of the Hereafter they are sure."

Allah being the best knower there is no compatibility with ignorance and Allah. So one cannot claim to be a true servant of Allah and not be a searcher and a seeker after knowledge. The holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said to us that one is in the path of God when he goes out in search of knowledge and he is in that path until he returns. Meaning, if he thinks that he has found it, he has lost it. Because, in knowledge you will never get to the end of it in the short time that we have on earth. So Allah makes every believer one who loves knowledge, one who seeks knowledge, one who uses knowledge to cultivate the gifts, skills and talents that Allah has put within every human being and uses those gifts, skills and talents for the advancement of self, of family and community and world.

In introducing me brother may have mentioned country of my birth, the United States of America. USA without a doubt is more than likely one of the greatest countries to emerge in the last six thousand years. However, that country more than most countries is in need of Islam. Islam is the only force that can check the decadence of America and ensure that America will not go the way of ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Rome.

President Nixon was impeached and rehabilitated. He wrote a book called "The Real War". And in this book he said, the enemy of democracy is not communism. The real enemy of democracy is fundamentalist Islam. This is Nixon. He said, the Third World War has already begun, and we are loosing. So he set in motion through his own Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and others a force that to this very moment is opposed to the development and spread of Islam in the world. If Islam is the enemy of democracy and Allah says in the Quran that He it is who sent His Messenger with Guidance and the true religion that He may make it to overcome the religions, all of them, though the polities may be adverse, then Allah Himself has ordered that Islam will become universally known, universally accepted.

Then if America and her president sees Islam as an enemy and opposes Islam, then they are not just in opposition to Islam, they are in opposition to the will of Allah, and nothing and no one can oppose God and win.

So if you look now at the policies of my government to Islamic nations, every president since Nixon and Ford has had a run in with some member of the Islamic world. Under Carter there was a run in with Iran, under Bush Iraq, Iran, now Sudan, Libya, Reagan and Libya, Bush and Libya, Bush and Iraq. And it doesn’t stop. Every Muslim country that seems to get strong Militarily, there is a policy, even known or unknown, to destabilize that regime. Every Muslin country that has wealth, there is a secret policy to undermine and take away the wealth of the wealthy moderate state and the military potential of those Muslims who have some military potential. Pakistan is trying to develop a nuclear device. What’s wrong with that? India has nuclear weapons. China has nuclear weapons. Why not Pakistan? Israel has nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. So, if you want to take the teeth out of Saddam Hussain, why not take the teeth out of Israel and, then start disarming the whole area.

But there is unwritten story. There is my brother from Iraq. I had a talk with a highly placed member of the Saudi Government. And when Imam Khomeni came to power and said words that seem to threat the Gulf area and the Saudi, the Saudis gave, according to this highly placed source, 80 billion dollars to Iraq, to build Iraq into a military bulwark against, what they thought was, Iranian expansionism. Who benefited from this 80 billion dollars? The Americans sold weapons to Saddam Hussain. The British sold weapons. The French built an atomic reactor for our brother. The Russians, all of them benefited from this 80 billion dollars. So if our brother has any weapons of mass destruction, they know it, they sold him the weapons and probably helped them with the technology as long as he would use it against Iran. Because America doesn’t care if two Muslim states fight each other and cancel each other out. That’s better for Israel. So, after the war was over, Iran was weakened. But Iraq still had strength. So the aim of America was to get Iraq into a problem. That they could Weaken Iraq as a potential military power not only for yesterday but on into the next century. They want no threat to Israel. And because of the division among the Muslims, Yassir Arafat had to accept the Oslo Peace Accord, which is a disgrace to Palestinians and to those who truly struggle for the sovereignty and the right of self determination of the Palestinian people. Now, when I visited our brother Yassir Arafat, he looked dejected and broken, and he pointed to some flowers on his table and said, "I can’t even sell my flowers. I can’t sell and export fruit and vegetables. I can not even export textiles and goods that were made from our textiles. We have lost one hundred twenty thousand jobs, and ten million dollars a day we loose." As President of the Palestinian authority, he is like living in a concentration camp. And it seems as though Muslim World can look the other way in the face of Palestinian sufferings.

Muslims seemed to be able to look the other way in the face of Iraqi sufferings. We went to Iraq. Our Minister for Health, my wife, my mother Tynetta Muhammad, all of us were there to visit the hospital. The Minister of Health said, this is not a hospital. Hospitals have medicines to heal the sick. That is a death camp, because, there is no medicine for the children. There is no medicine for those dying of Depleted Uranium that America put in bombs. But how could a Muslim hear the sufferings of Iraqi people and not lift his voice. Do we want friendship with America and Britain so much that we would loose the friendship of God?

Well, now Sudan. America is spending billions of dollars putting enemies all around Sudan. Why do you want enemies on the borders of Sudan? Because you are afraid of am Islamist regime, that Islam may spread into the Central and Southern Africa and cut off your play outs in Africa. They have divided Arab and Africa. And that today ..they are drawing a line accross separating Central Africa, Southern Africa from Arab, North Africa and they are making the Arabs in ..Africa the enemy, while we know the bridge, we know what they have done, we see the America, we see what they are doing. But they are making Arabs and Africans the enemy of each other while it was their unity that established Islam in the world. In 1977 the Arabs and the Africans had their first African-Arab Summit meeting in Cairo, Egypt. That was in 1977. And they have never had another summit meeting because the West does not want Arab–African unity. The West does mot want Muslim unity.

So why? If they don’t want, and Allah has ordered, why don’t we obey Allah? And what is the consequence of our disobedience to the Commands of God. Do you think that you will not pay a price for disobeying God when you have the Holy Quran in your hand. Allah says in the Quran, "do you advice others and neglect your own soul while you read the Book. Have you no sense at all?"

We act like a people who have no sense. We have given over our power to the United Nations. Who is the United Nations that they should dictate to us when the Quran has already dictated to the Muslims how Muslims should act? We seat in the United Nations as a weak power. I am talking about the whole Muslim Ummah is a weak force. Inside the United Nations they mock, they laugh at us, they laugh at Egypt, the great citadel of civilization. They have a laughter, they have the whole world laughter. All of us are pawning because we want friendship with the super powers rather than friendship with the only power and that is Allah. But how many of us really believe that Allah is really God, since one thing to say "Ashhadualla ilaha illallah" but there is another thing to believe in, not just stand up on that principle of 'Shahadat’, and that there is no God but Allah. But we are liars and hypocrites because we say, "Yes Allah is God but Clinton calls. Yes Allah is God but we have no money." Who holds the treasures of the heaven and the earth? Does Clinton own them? If Allah is the owner, Why not bow down to Allah then, and seek what you need from Him rather than crawl on knees to the powers of the world begging, then for what you could get for yourself if you were a united Ummah. The Muslim World in my conclusion is weak and degenerated. It pains me as a Muslim to come home to where Islam began and see my family in filth and squalor and disease talking about how great Islam is, but sending your children to Europe and America to learn because we lost the advantage that Islam gave us. You know that I am telling the truth. It hurts me to speak like this. But this is my family and I am a simple man. But I am in love with Islam and I know that Islam is the superpower potentially in the next century. But we got to do something now to make that a reality. Allah is not going to change our condition until we make a change of ourselves. Allah didn’t setup Egypt. Allah didn’t setup Saudi Arabia. Allah didn’t setup Kuwait, United Arab Emirates. Allah didn’t setup Sudan. Allah didn’t setup Morocco, Libya, or all of your national boundaries. That’s your doing. You have got a national constitution. But your constitution should be the Quran if you are a Muslim. There is only one nation. Look, I have to say this. Allah didn’t setup Shiia. Allah didn’t setup Sunni. Allah didn’t setup Hunbali, Hanafi. This is our doing. Till our Muhammad was a Muslim and there was no division among us until after he was gone. Then we setup our religion into sects and parties each one glorying in their little path. And Shaitan is happy today. Because, the Ummah is divided. The Holy Prophet said, "one learned man is harder on Shaitan than thousand ignorant worshippers." We have millions of ignorant worshippers and just a few intellectuals, and most of them are bought and paid for by the West. We have more love for money than we have for Allah. We have more love for the things of this world than even for the thought of the Hereafter. We need to be coming back to Allah.

When I was in Iraq years ago, just prior to the Gulf War, I spoke to seven hundred fifty Ulemas. They were talking about the Holy War. But their Holy War is like this: you can wear Allah like He is some garments; you take Him off when it’s hot, and you put Him on when it’s cold. Allah doesn’t hear your prayers if you are insincere in your expression.

Allah will help you. But you and I have to come back to Him. That is our problem what I have said in Iraq. Our problem is not Israel. Our problem is not America. Our problem is our deviation from the Path of God and the Sunnah of the Prophet. And until and unless we are called back to have real thing. I am not talking about rituals and religions. Because prayer has degenerated into a religion. Some Muslims look at me and say, "Farrakhan, do you make your five daily prayer?" If I tell them, "yes", they say, "oh! That’s good." They say, "do you make Salah or do you make Doa?". If I make Salat, they say, "oh! That is good". Any damn one can do this. Any damn one can say, "Allaho Akbar".

Any damn one can learn how to bow down and put his face on a mat. That is not telling you that you are a real Muslim. Because you are bowing down your physical body, but not bowing your mind down to do the Will of God. Means nothing. Your prayer is empty, unless you are training your mind through bending your body and prostrating your body. Then we must prostrate our mind to the Will of Allah. Then Allah can use us as a battering ram against the forces of evil. But I am a fool, I am fool.

I know that this is a great nation Bangladesh. You are not poor. You are rich. But you lost the key to the vault. The vault is the Quran. And the Quran holds the treasures of the heaven and the earth. But now, where is my key? I forgot the combination. Well, that’s why you are wrecked, you are poor. That’s why people out there picking pockets and interlinked with little cheap thievery and what not .. because Islam is not really being practiced. So I am coming up out of America. But I am not saying that I am a better Muslim than any body else. But brothers, sisters, I refused to bow down. The Jews want me to come on bended knees. They said: "Farrakhan, unless you tell us that you are sorry for what you said, we will make sure that you and your people suffer." I told the Jews: "in order to cut off my Blessings you better get a ladder that reach you to heaven. And since you don’t have that ladder, you can’t cut off my Blessings. I will never bow down to you." The Congress of the United States threatened me. They said, "Farrakhan, you have gone to this rogue nation. We are going to call you before the Congress". I said: "Don’t threat me, do it. Do it." I told my friends: "I don’t need anybody to go with me. Allah is sufficient. I will go to the Congress with my Quran, and beat hell out of everything in them." Because, when you have Allah, you got it all. They talk about us as the minority. How can we be minority in union with God. I am the majority, and so are we.

Thank you all for listening to me. I am all fired out. If I have hurt anybody’s feelings, I hope you will forgive me. That’s not my intention. My intention is to put on your consciousness the fact that we have got to be better than what we are, in order for Allah to give us the benefit of what He promised us. And I pray to Allah in the name of His servant Muhammad (Peace be upon him) for the great nation of Iraq. I pray. I pray that Allah will help us as an Ummah to say to Bill Clinton: "Enough is enough." I am hurrying to go back to America, because I want to make my voice heard inside America that Clinton can not, we can not permit him to do this. And I hope that President Saddam Hussein will not give them the chance to do what they want to do.

But the Iraqi people may have been chosen by Allah to suffer to awaken you sleeping giants. He may have chosen one man Saddam Hussein to defy the powers that you bow down to, to show you that they would rather be dead than to put-up to America crawling and begging. That is something worth dying, and the Quran says, persecution is worse than slaughter. And so the Iraqi people have been dying, and I worn Bill Clinton. I say, "Mr.President, it is not a good thing for you to turn the whole Muslim world against you. The whole Muslim world may not agree with Saddam Hussein, but the Muslim world will become your enemy." May be Allah wants us turn the world and is using Iraq to turn the world opinion against the so called superpowers. I want you to keep your eyes on America as I sit down. I want you to know that God is real. His Power is real. He has kept America as a preserved area for Himself. No bomb has fallen on America, because God wants that for Himself. Just as He used tempest to bring Pharaoh down. He has the same in mind for America. You just keep watching. No outside forces can harm her. Her’s will come from God if she does not bow down. And it is my job to worn her that she is at the end ever though she looks like she will be here forever.

I am telling you, she is on her death bed, but she doesn’t know it, neither do you. But when Allah avenges His commands to pass on America, all of you will bow down. Because, you are bowing down now to that which has no power, but when Allah uses His power on America as He is destined to do, all of us will bow down. Surely in the shock of the hour when you see it is grievous thing, you will see men drunken but they will not be drunken, but the chastisement of Allah will be severe.

May Allah bless you Ambassadors. May Allah bless the scholars, the teachers, the Supreme Court lawyers to be the best Muslims that we can be. And instead of tearing each other down, let’s help each other to be better than what we are, and if we do that then the meals that we are about to enjoy will go down well and it will energize our bodies not for us to live in contravention to Allah, but for us to live better in submission to His will.

Thank you so much for receiving me. Thank you so much for allowing me to come into this great country. And thank Allah for brother Shamsul Amin for meeting me in Moscow and telling me "you must come to Bangladesh." And we heard him and in his plea we heard Allah, and we came. Even though our stay is short, but it doesn’t matter the word. The word is sufficient. Ali Baghdadi, where is my brother Ali? Please come. This is our Middle Eastern Correspondent for Qods. Ali raised a question to me the other day. He said: "Brother, Clinton came to Africa with millions of dollars in his hand. You came to Africa with words." And I said to the brother: "They said to the Holy Prophet: if you are from Allah, why did not He send down treasures with you?" But the treasures that Allah sent down with him was "Words". And the wealth that the people were looking for that day have all perished. But the "Words" still remains. With what did I come to Africa and Bangladesh - a word as reminder to you - what you already know, you already believe. Come on family, let’s come together, and let’s be real Muslims, and become the superpower for God’s glory and for rise of humanity in the next century. Thank you Ali, and thank you brothers and sisters.

I pray that the Islamic leaders will be willing conducive for this world. Because sometime it is our own Islamic leaders and their divisions and their envy and their enmity that is holding back the people from the rise that the people would want. I’ll come back Insha–Allah. But in the meantime, I hope that these words will stay with you. And I pray that Allah will Bless these words to enter the hearts that we may rise up and do what Allah has ordered us to do.